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  • Best known as the “tough chef” from Food Network’s Restaurant Makeover, David Adjey has had a passion for food since the age of 15. Now a successful restaurateur, David has come a long way. Through his sought-after hospitality consulting company, David Adjey Cuisine Inc., he works with some of Canada’s... Read More
  • Eric Akis has been a food writer for the Times Colonist newspaper, in Victoria, since 1997. His popular bi-weekly food column also appears in newspapers across Canada, including the Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Sun, The Province, the Hamilton Spectator, the Ottawa Citizen and the Edmonton Journal. Before becoming a journalist, Eric... Read More
  • Originally from a small village in Punjab, India, Bal Arneson learned how to cook from her elders when she was just nine years old, over coals in a small clay pit. When she was 20, Bal immigrated to Canada. Drawing on the culinary knowledge she gained in India, as well as her own natural... Read More
  • Carla is food passionate.  Born in Toronto to parents of Italian origin who encouraged and supported her childhood interest in preparing dishes of different cuisines Carla learned at a very young age that food preparation was not just nourishment but could also be the source of enormous pleasure and cultural pride.   An elementary school teacher... Read More
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