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The Ace Bakery Cookbook


ISBN: 1-55285-507-4; 978-1-55285-507-2
Dimesions: 8 x 10
Page Count: 288
Binding: Paperback

The Ace Bakery Cookbook

Recipes for and with Bread
By Linda Haynes

ACE Bakery has become a Toronto institution, supplying gourmetbread to more than 700 of the finest restaurants, hotels, caterers, andspecialty food shops. At ACE Bakery Caf├ęs throughout the city,customers enjoy hand-made sandwiches, soups and all things that gogreat with bread -- even dessert! This cookbook showcases the recipesused and inspired by ACE Bakery, developed by co-owner Linda Haynes.Chapters include Breads and Basics; More than Toast and O.J.; Nibbles;Spreads and Other Openers; Soup, Soupe, Zuppa; Salads -- Centrepiecesand Sides; Sandwiches and Picnics; Not Just Meat and Potatoes; andSweet Things. Whether you love the scent of fresh bread baking in youroven or want inspiration for food that goes great with bread, this isthe ideal book.

In 1985 Linda and her husband Martin beganexperimenting on all kinds of loaves. In 1993, ACE Bakery sold itsfirst loaf of bread and has since grown into one of Toronto's favouriteplaces for bread and other fresh food.

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