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The Complete Light Kitchen


ISBN: 1-55285-902-9; 978-1-55285-902-5
Dimesions: 8 x 9
Page Count: 400
Binding: Paperback with flaps

About the Author

Rose Reisman, award-winning entrepreneur and mother of four, has been celebrated as one of Canada’s leading authorities on the art of eating and living well.... read about this author

The Complete Light Kitchen

The Complete Light Kitchen is the culmination of Rose Reisman’s 15-year career as a leading authority on health and wellness. This essential guide to the art of eating and living well has over 265 recipes, including both new creations and the best of her 17 cookbooks. Here, Reisman teaches you how to create a light kitchen, plan meals, and decode food labels. The Complete Light Kitchen is all about merging exceptional taste with nutritional value.


Rose’s name is synonymous with healthy cooking and well-being and she works tirelessly to spread her message. This book is such a diverse collage of her many wholesome recipes in addition to offering great tips on making cooking light a lifestyle.
— Christine Cushing, TV chef and owner of Pure, a line of all-natural food products.

It is difficult to conceive of a better more comprehensive combination of strong nutritional advice with easy and delicious recipes. The Complete Light Kitchen provides an essential tool to anyone hoping to successfully navigate the current toxic nutritional environment and to come out the other side at a healthy weight, with improved quality of life. Reisman’s recipes follow the undisputed principles of health promotion and when integrated into a healthy lifestyle, they are sure to decrease disease risk.
—David A. Macklin MD CCFP, Medical Director WeightCare

Rose Reisman has made a great contribution to the health and wellness of our country with her terrific cookbooks and tireless charity work. This new book is an invaluable guide to living the good (and healthy) life.
—Bonnie Stern, IACP award-winning author

Cooking healthy flavors for your family and friends is easy. No one knows this better than Rose Reisman and this comprehensive book proves it. It’s packed full of real world recipes and useful nutritional information and it’s guaranteed to find its rightful place in your kitchen. Torn, tattered, burned and stained, next to the stove, not on your bookshelf!
—Michael Smith, Canada’s best-known chef and host of “Chef at Home” on the Food Network

I was introduced to Rose Reisman’s amazing approach to healthy cuisine a decade ago. Her books have transformed our family: how I cook, how we eat and how we enjoy great meals. I love the simplicity, variety and beauty of Rose’s creations. The Complete Light Kitchen is delicious in every possible sense—a light delight you’ll use every night (and day)! Dig in.
—Erin Davis, Radio and TV host, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Eating well and making healthy food choices doesn’t have to feel like a compromise— Rose Reisman understands that. Better yet, she makes it a pleasure, especially with her new book, which is, once again, full of new ideas. Each recipe is simple, easily executed, and above all—delectable.
—Mark McEwan, Proprietor and Chef of North 44 Restaurant in Toronto