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Kate Aitken's Canadian Cook Book


ISBN: 1-55285-591-0; 978-1-55285-591-1
Dimesions: 5 x 7.75
Page Count: 292
Binding: Paperback

Kate Aitken's Canadian Cook Book

By Kate Aitken
Introduction by Elizabeth Driver

From the 1930s to the 1950s, Kate Aitken was a role model for millions of Canadian women who listened to her national radio show, clipped her recipes from the Montreal Standard, where she was Women's Editor, and purchased her books and pamphlets on everything from cooking and childcare to travel and etiquette. Kate Aitken's Canadian Cook Book was first published in 1945 and became an instant bestseller. In Kate's own words, the book is "a handy, inexpensive guide to healthful daily living." Along with delicious recipes for appetizers, baked goods, canning, main dishes, salads, soups, and quick lunches and suppers, she provides a wealth of information on nutrition, "Notes to Brides", and helpful hints on cooking. Considered the "Martha Stewart" of her day, Kate Aitken's practical recipes endure to delight Canadian families today.