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Kitchen for Kids


ISBN: 1-55285-455-8; 978-1-55285-455-6
Dimesions: 9 x 10
Page Count: 144
Binding: Paperback

About the Author

Jennifer Low spent much of the past 15 years as a food editor, a job that kept her busy developing recipes, writing feature stories and overseeing food... read about this author

Kitchen for Kids

100 amazing recipes your children can really make
Kids love to cook and help in the kitchen. That's why Jennifer Low has created this book of 100 no-knives, no-flame, from-scratch recipes that kids can easily make with the help of a caring adult. Each recipe has been tested by kids aged four and up and each dish is beautifully photographed From Paddy Thai Noodles (an oven backed take on traditional Pad Thai) and One-Potato-Two Bread to Baby Lemon Meringue Pies and Strawberry-Fudge Striped Cake, the author shows how to organize a safe and fun kitchen for kids to learn cooking and to create yummy dishes.

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