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Menus from an Orchard Table


ISBN: 1-55285-852-9; 978-1-55285-852-3
Dimesions: 8.25 x 10.5
Page Count: 320
Binding: Paperback with flaps

About the Author

Heidi Noble is a professionally trained chef and sommelier, food educator, and professional wine-maker. Most of all, she is a proponent of tasty, well-prepared, seasonal... read about this author

Menus from an Orchard Table

Celebrating the Food & Wine of the Okanagan

Fresh from the Okanagan Valley comes Menus for an Orchard Table, a collection of outstanding seasonal recipes from Joie Wines and Farm Cooking School's renowned outdoor orchard dinners. The classes here are sell-outs, with people traveling great distances to sit at a table in Joie's orchard. 

Menus for an Orchard Table allows readers to re-create some of Joie's most extraordinary dishes, with essays on the Okanagan's wine country cuisine. The recipes are divided into the courses served at Joie's orchard dinners, which balance regional wines with the accompanying dishes.