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Rose Murray's Canadian Christmas Cooking


ISBN: 978-1-77050-192-8
Dimesions: 6 x 8
Page Count: 168
Binding: Paperback
Features: 150 recipes; two-colour; illustrations; index

About the Author

Rose Murray has been a key player in the Canadian food scene for almost three decades. Through authoring 10 cookbooks, writing for a host of... read about this author

Rose Murray's Canadian Christmas Cooking

The Classic Guide To Holiday Feasts
Think back to your favourite Christmas food memory. Perhaps it was the first turkey you dressed and cooked yourself, or the sweet smell of cranberries ladled onto your plate, or the mouthwatering anticipation of finally getting to taste your grandparent’s signature pie.


First published in 1979, Rose Murray’s Canadian Christmas Cooking likely had a hand in those holiday food memories. This affordable guide to holiday meals has been dog eared, lovingly annotated and shared among families in Canada as a must-have Christmas cookbook for over 20 years.


At the time of its release, Rose Murray’s Canadian Christmas Cooking was called “a tribute to holiday tastes from history, from across the country and around the world” by the Regina Leader-Post. And perhaps the Hamilton Spectator summed it up best, when it wrote, “No nonsense, no pictures, just good recipes.”


Back in print for the first time in over 10 years, this revised and updated edition has all the simplicity and affordability of the original as well as Rose’s tweaks for modern kitchens and a few new favourite foods.


The A–Z cookbook of traditional Christmas dinners, Rose Murray’s Canadian Christmas Cooking is ready to inspire a new generation of home chefs.