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  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-228-4
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 292
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 152 recipes, 112 photos, full colour throughout

    The Kitchen Table Cookbook

    Easy Family Recipes from a Country Fair Ribbon Winner
    Dependability is the cornerstone of any family, and The Kitchen Table Cookbook is one culinary guide that will never let you down. These recipes have been tried, tweaked, sampled, savored, passed on and enjoyed again and again. The Kitchen Table Cookbook is a bit of everything but, above all, it’s... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-227-7
    Dimesions: 7 x 10.5
    Page Count: 192
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 92 recipes, 100 photos, full colour throughout


    A Cookbook for Citrus Lovers
    That citrus kiss, that tang, that pucker, it makes some of us swoon. Pucker is for the citrus lovers amongst us who’d gladly pass over chocolate or caramel for a lemon meringue or key lime pie. But citrus love extends beyond these common favourites. For those who can’t say no... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-223-9
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 248
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 170 recipes, 110 photos, full colour throughout


    modern Street Food From a Vagabond Chef
    Curbside: Modern Street Food from a Vagabond Chef illustrates the blurred lines, creativity, and potential that modern street food represents in North America. Chef Adam Hynam-Smith demonstrates what modern street food is from the perspective of an Australian restaurant-trained chef who has traveled the world and stumbled into opening one... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-233-8
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 192
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 113 recipes, 88 photos, full colour throughout

    Russian Cuisine

    Traditional and Contemporary Home Cooking
    Discover the fascinating details and tasty delights of a vast country that spans 11 time zones and brings together more than 180 ethnic groups. Detailing the evolution and development of traditional Russian cooking, this book gives a better understanding to the foods that are now known as classic Russian dishes. Through... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-213-0
    Dimesions: 9 x 11.5
    Page Count: 176
    Binding: Cloth
    Features: 27 basic techniques and recipes, 14 advanced cake projects, 200 photos and templates, full colour throughout

    Creative Cakes

    World-renowned Cake Designer Rosalind Chan Presents 14 Cakes Inspired by Her Journeys around the Globe
    Rosalind Chan is a world-renowned cake decorator with a penchant for travel. In Creative Cakes she brings her globetrotting home, presenting 14 cakes inspired by the countries and flowers of places she’s visited. Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Russia, Australia, the U.S. and Canada all feature here, each with... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-249-9
    Dimesions: 6.5 x 8
    Page Count: 144
    Binding: Cloth
    Features: full colour throughout

    Rarely does barbecue come to mind in the subzero climates of winter, but Austrian grilling master Tom Heinzle has other ideas. Winter Grilling—already a bestseller abroad—is Heinzle’s testament to the joys of outdoor cooking, even when the outdoors would have most heading in. Real grilling enthusiasts know that firing up the... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-226-0
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 288
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 110 recipes, 60 photos, full colour throughout


    Bringing People Together with Food
    The old adage, ‘It’s not what’s on the table, it’s who’s at the table,’ may mean more to today’s home cooks than it ever has. Modern entertaining is less about the stuffy, fussy, pretentious dinner parties of the past and more about getting together with the people we care about... Read More
  • ISBN: 9781770502116
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 304
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 69 recipes; 40 photographs; full colour throughout; index

    Broccoli, Love and Dark Chocolate

    Because Food, Love and Life Should Be Delicious!
    AVAILABLE AUGUST 2014 Liz Pearson, author of several upbeat and inspirational cookbooks, including the bestselling Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health and The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan is back, with a new book featuring her signature mix of delicious, extra-healthy recipes and heartfelt life lessons that inspire. Liz says, “How is this book different? The goal of... Read More
  • ISBN: 9781770501881
    Dimesions: 8.5 x 11
    Page Count: 224
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 117 recipes; 120 photographs; full colour throughout; index

    Flex Appeal

    A Vegetarian Cookbook for Families with Meat-Eaters
    Flex Appeal is all about balancing our ethics with our tastebuds, and our vegetarian friends with our meat-eating ones. Choosing to reduce your meat intake, and to buy organic vegetables, free-range chickens and animals raised humanely and without drugs on small, mixed-crop farms are all ethical alternatives to a strict vegan diet. Flex Appeal... Read More
  • ISBN: 9781770502147
    Dimesions: 8.25 x 9.25
    Page Count: 208
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 77 recipes; 90 photographs; full colour throughout; index


    Preparing, Cooking and Enjoying a Sensational Seafood
    The story of Mussels starts with “the humble mussel, a shellfish so unassuming that the impact it had on the two of us was quite unexpected,” as the authors—the “Kilted Chef” Alain Bossé and his good friend “Mussel Mama” Linda Duncan—of this book say. When these two met, they discovered they shared an identical passion:... Read More