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Courses & Dishes - Desserts

  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-194-2
    Dimesions: 6 x 8
    Page Count: 152
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 30 recipes; full colour throughout including photographs; index

    Setting a Fine Table

    Historical Desserts and Drinks from the Officers' Kitchens at Fort York
    Setting a Fine Table is a mouth-watering selection of cakes, cookies, pastries, puddings and drinks from historic Fort York in Toronto.   The recipes are based on ones found in British, American and Canadian cookbooks of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and are featured favourites in the Historic Foodways Programme at Fort York National Historic... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-191-1
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 268
    Binding: Cloth
    Features: 42 recipes; full colour throughout, including photographs and illustrations; index

    Alice Eats

    A Wonderland Cookbook
    This delightful volume is the full text of the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, with recipes and photographs by Julie Van Rosendaal and new, full-colour illustrations by Pierre A. Lamielle.   The assortment of inventive recipes in this book, all inspired by characters and events from the original story, include such imaginative and enticing... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-066-2
    Dimesions: 9 x 11
    Page Count: 216
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 100 recipes, 94 photographs, colour throughout, index

    Everyday Kitchen for Kids

    100 Amazing Savory and Sweet Recipes Children Can Really Make
    What’s the best way for children to learn about the variety and value of food? By getting into the kitchen and making all their favourite dishes themselves. Everyday Kitchen for Kids, the follow-up to the award-winning, international bestseller Kitchen for Kids, helps children do just that. With a chapter on organizing the kitchen, a glossary of... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-063-1
    Dimesions: 8.5 x 10.5
    Page Count: 340
    Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket
    Features: full colour photographs, index

    Back to Baking

    200 Timeless Recipes to Bake, Share and Enjoy
    These days, when time is so valuable, taking an hour to make a special treat for others can be as gratifying for the giver as it is for the receiver. If you’re ready to feel the satisfaction that comes from sharing food, it’s time to get Back to Baking. In this... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-891-X; 978-1-55285-891-2
    Dimesions: 8.75 x 8.75
    Page Count: 168
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    Sharing Sweet Secrets

    Gluten & Wheat Free
    Sweet indulgence doesn't have to compromise health. The North American diet's heavy dependence on wheat and refined sugars is taking a toll on our health. Desserts are often a huge contributor to health problems and obesity. It is estimated that almost one in 130 people in North America suffer from... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-825-1; 978-1-55285-825-7
    Dimesions: 9 x 11
    Page Count: 160
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    The perfect cake for the perfect party. Kids of all ages will be delighted by this collection of fun birthday cakes. Although a birthday cake is the centerpiece of every birthday party, it should be simple to prepare so that parents and children will have plenty of time and energy... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-815-4; 978-1-55285-815-8
    Dimesions: 7 x 11.125
    Page Count: 160
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    Caramel is a source of sheer delight as it crunches on the teeth and melts on the tongue. Creamy, glassy, mixed with chocolate or even in its pure state, just a touch of caramel makes a dish come alive in surprising ways. Served soft or as a glaze, caramel satisfies the whole palate.... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-736-0; 978-1-55285-736-6
    Dimesions: 8 x 8
    Page Count: 64
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    40 easier-than-you-think recipes for making lovely crème brûlée Delicious and sophisticated yet elegantly simple, crème brûlée deserves its status as one of the world's most famous desserts. Few can resist its delectable charms. In Crème Brûlée, Sarah Lewis presents 40 easy-to-make crème brûlée recipes to delight friends and family.... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-733-6; 978-1-55285-733-5
    Dimesions: 6.25 x 7.75
    Page Count: 224
    Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket

    A Cook's Book of Decadence

    Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel
    Guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth. Chocolate Coffee Caramel is a sumptuous collection of sweet delights -- delicious baked goods, to-die-for desserts, and seductive sauces. Over 100 recipes inspire creativity in the kitchen while satisfying anyone's sweet tooth. A wide range of favorites are... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-509-0; 978-1-55285-509-6
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 272
    Binding: Paperback

    On her Food Network show Sugar, pastry chef Anna Olson shows viewers how to create simple, original desserts that they can create at home. Now, Anna's favourite recipes from her show are available in this new book! Divided into sections based on key ingredients, such as Fruit, Chocolate, Nuts and Citrus, Anna's recipes progress naturally... Read More