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Methods - Quick & Easy

  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-195-9
    Dimesions: 8 x 10
    Page Count: 208
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 100 recipes; full colour throughout, including photographs; index

    Featuring all-new recipes, Bal’s Spice Kitchen works on two simple principles: spice is the key to delicious cooking, and making flavourful crowd-pleasing meals doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Inspired by the traditional Indian recipes of her childhood, Bal Arneson has become a leader in fresh and fast Indian food. Now, in Bal’s... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-109-6
    Dimesions: 8 x 9
    Page Count: 448
    Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket
    Features: 241 recipes, 94 photographs, colour throughout, index

    Eric Akis is back with the long-awaited compendium of his bestselling Everyone Can Cook series. From his original book, Everyone Can Cook, to his subsequent guides to cooking midweek meals, slow cooker meals, appetizers, seafood and cooking for celebrations, Eric Akis has been lauded by food writers across the country for delivering recipes that really... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-066-2
    Dimesions: 9 x 11
    Page Count: 216
    Binding: Paperback with flaps
    Features: 100 recipes, 94 photographs, colour throughout, index

    Everyday Kitchen for Kids

    100 Amazing Savory and Sweet Recipes Children Can Really Make
    What’s the best way for children to learn about the variety and value of food? By getting into the kitchen and making all their favourite dishes themselves. Everyday Kitchen for Kids, the follow-up to the award-winning, international bestseller Kitchen for Kids, helps children do just that. With a chapter on organizing the kitchen, a glossary of... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-040-2
    Dimesions: 8.5 x 11
    Page Count: 288
    Binding: Paperback
    Features: 190+ recipes; full colour throughout, including illustrations; index


    You Can Cook Fast, Healthy Meals for Your Family
    Staying organized is often the hardest part of feeding a busy family. Between late work nights, soccer practice, and PTA meetings, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy meal, never mind to sit down and eat it as a family. In Cook, Deborah Anzinger provides... Read More
  • ISBN: 978-1-77050-026-6
    Dimesions: 8.25 x 10.5
    Page Count: 208
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    In a Pinch

    Effortless Cooking for Today's Gourmet
    Having friends over for dinner doesn’t have to be a big production. With In a Pinch, Caren McSherry will show you how to make a 5-star meal in nothing flat. Gone are the days of 3-day preparations, obscure cooking utensils, and clean-ups that last longer than the meal. With In a Pinch, you’ll impress... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-526-0; 978-1-55285-526-3
    Dimesions: 8 x 9
    Page Count: 384
    Binding: Paperback

    The Girl Can't Cook

    275 Fabulous No-Fail Recipes a Girl Can't Be Without
    Chefs are becoming celebrities, and there are more cooking showsand cookbooks available than ever before. So why do so many peoplestill declare, "I can't cook!"? Complex recipes, hard-to-findingredients, and glossy food photography can intimidate and frustratebeginner cooks. Cinda Chavich feels your pain and gives you over 250no-fail recipes you will... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55110-978-6; 978-1-55110-978-7
    Dimesions: 9 x 12
    Page Count: 192
    Binding: Paperback with flaps

    Time. It's never been more precious. Preparing a meal with fresh flavours and ingredients shouldn't take the better part of the afternoon. New Food Fast is the ultimate tool to help you maximize your minutes. It's a book of fast, fresh recipes for busy people. In classic Donna Hay style, it offers simple flavourful solutions... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-614-3; 978-1-55285-614-7
    Dimesions: 8 x 9
    Page Count: 192
    Binding: Paperback

    Seafood is a healthy and popular choice for diners, but many home cooks are intimidated by it. Concerns over freshness, what to buy, or how to flavour it make people reluctant to prepare it more often. Eric Akis shows that indeed everyone can cook seafood. His recipes are delicious and... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-448-5; 978-1-55285-448-8
    Dimesions: 8 x 9
    Page Count: 212
    Binding: Paperback

    Everyone Can Cook

    Over 120 Recipes for Entertaining Everyday
    It's a myth that cooking is complicated or takes a lot of time to be good. Here is a cookbook that will teach you how to use fresh and readily available West Coast ingredients to make deliciously simple Mediterranean- and Asian-influenced dishes. There are lots of ideas for quick everyday... Read More
  • ISBN: 1-55285-924-X; 978-1-55285-924-7
    Dimesions: 8 x 9
    Page Count: 224
    Binding: Paperback

    Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals

    Recipes for Cooks on the Run
    It can be a challenge to prepare tasty and healthy home-cooked meals during the busy workweek. More and more people are turning to ready-made meals, which are often sodium-saturated, fat-filled, highly processed and expensive. Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals is packed with easy-to-follow, healthy recipes ranging from classic family fare to innovative... Read More