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Angeline Linardis

Angeline Linardis

A native New Yorker, Angeline Linardis first became interested incooking through her Italian grandmother and was exposed to manydifferent gourmet foods as she grew up. She is a true United Nationschef with tastes ranging from saucy French cooking to the spices ofThailand and India, and hot weather flavours from the Caribbean,Jamaica and Hawaii. Marrying into a Greek family added more classicMediterranean fare to her constantly growing repertoire.

Angeline tried vegetarian food for the first time as a teenager andloved it. When she was 29, she decided to become a full-time vegan anddiscovered a whole new world of cuisine along the way.

She has held a wide variety of jobs from managing apartment buildingsto working as a graphics artist, but her passion was to be creativeand, of course, work with food! She began teaching cooking, whichallowed her to show people what she knew and learn even more. “A goodportion of my new recipes are inspired by questions that people ask meabout certain ingredients,” she says.

Angeline now teaches exclusively vegan/vegetarian cooking classes andeducates people about the benefits of eliminating meat-related foodsfrom their diets. She aims to take the terror out of tofu and makevegan cooking appealing to everyone, including carnivores!

Angeline currently lives in BC with her husband and four children. V-Cuisine: The Art of New Vegan Cooking is her first book.