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  • What Whitecap is Reading, Winter Edition01/22/2015Steph HillIn case it isn't obvious, there are a few book people on staff. This is what we're reading this winter.
  • Winter Grilling Arrives01/14/2015Steph HillWinter Grilling is here. Let's all make Chili Pears.
  • Sarah Clement's Illustration Process01/08/2015Steph HillWe love finding illustrators for our childrens' books. In this post we take a closer look at how Sarah Clement created the beautiful images in Half for You and Half for Me
  • Yorkshire Comfort12/18/2014Jesse MarchandThere’s something about December that makes me crave comfort food. Sure it’s colder in the winter, and yes it’s the holidays, but I think it’s these shorter darker days that make me nostalgic for bright memories, especially when it comes to food.
  • Gatherings Blog Tour12/09/2014Steph HillFood bloggers across Canada have gotten together to celebrate a new book about getting social at home.
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