Angela Murrills

Born in Bury St. Edmunds, England, Angela Murrills’ passion for food began at an early age. She credits this passion to several things: a French neighbour, holidays in rural France, exceptional cooking classes at the convent where she was educated, and parents who grew all their own produce and raised their own chickens and rabbits.

Angela moved to Canada to study English literature in Montreal. Since then her work has taken her from a pathology laboratory technician to barmaid to working in a bookshop as well as in various advertising agencies. 

For the past 25 years, Angela has been working as a freelance journalist specializing in food, travel, and design. Her passion for food is channeled into writing food columns and stories for several publications including the Georgia Straight, Nuvo Magazine, Northwest Palate and Western Living, as well as other publications in the UK and New Zealand.

Travel is another great passion for Angela, which she sees in direct connection to food. She sees food as a doorway into other cultures and notes that some of her most memorable travel experiences to places like Crete, India, Israel, and Thailand are linked to food. 

Angela and her husband, Paul, have owned a house in the deep south of France since 2001 where she spends her time cooking, eating, and teaching food and travel journalism. Angela is certainly well versed in the world of art and is also very interested in film and classical music.

Angela has written several books, including Food City: Vancouver, Farm Folk, City Folk as well as Hot Sun, Cool Shadow. Her latest book, Balls!, a cheeky approach to exploring delicious round food from around the world, is her first cookbook.

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