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Marjorie Harris

Marjorie Harris is one of Canada’s best-known garden writers. Since her first garden book, The Canadian Gardener, was published in 1990, she has written 15 garden books, including the highly regarded Botanica North America. After Marjorie moved from full-time journalism to full-time garden writing, she co-founded Toronto Life Gardens in 1996. This magazine was then folded into... Read More

Adam Hart

As a living food champion, international speaker and chef, Adam Hart brings abundant energy to everything he does. Born in Toronto, Canada, Adam did not always live the healthy lifestyle. Having graduated with a degree in Sociology and a diploma for International Business Management, Adam quickly found himself suffering with depression and anxiety attacks upon... Read More

Diane Haynes

Author and animal activist Diane Haynes published her first poem at six and received her first book manuscript rejection at seven, stating, "We publish books for children, not by children." Seventeen jobs, six magazines and 30 years later, she tried again, and Jane Ray's Wildlife Rescue Series was launched. Diane's... Read More

Carolyn Hemming

Residing just outside of Toronto, Canada, Carolyn is dedicated to eating right and being physically active. Always busy balancing career & fitness goals, whether she is travelling on business or training for a marathon, Carolyn seeks foods that provide the right balance of energy and nutrition. A sociology and communications graduate, Carolyn's critical... Read More

Phyllis Hinz

Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, The Cooking Ladies, are food columnists, cookbook authors, freelance travel writers, and restaurant consultants. Their credentials include 20 years as restaurateurs, co-authorship of 10 cookbooks, a regular culinary/travel column for RV Lifestyle Magazine for 22 years, cooking segments on RVTV, and a gig as the official kitchen experts for Home Hardware Stores... Read More

Adam Hynam-Smith

Adam Hynam-Smith is Executive Chef and Co-owner of El Gastronomo Vagabundo, Ontario's first gourmet street food truck, featured on Food Network Canada's Eat St. Hynam-Smith has a reputation for reshaping the standard for street food cuisine in Ontario. According to Acquired Taste Magazine, "what Momofuku master chef David Chang is... Read More


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