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Caroline West

Caroline West spent years as a magazine art director in Sydney, Australia and London, England and has been working as a photographer since 2001...Read More


Steve Whysall

Steve Whysall has led a long career as a reporter and editor. From 1968 to 1975, he worked at several newspapers in England including the London Evening News, Bristol Evening Post, Leicester Mercury, and the Nottingham Evening Post. In 1975, Steve came to Canada with his wife and worked for... Read More

Pam Withers

Pam Withers is as passionate today about outdoor adventure as she was while growing up in Wisconsin and the Dakotas. As a teen, she gave canoeing and kayaking a try, quickly embracing the team spirit of outdoor sports. She completed college in Wisconsin and Ireland, and then moved to California... Read More

Linda Woolven

Linda Woolven is a master herbalist, certified acupuncturist, solution-focused councellor and one of Canada’s most widely published authors on the topic of natural health. In addition to her research and writing, Linda has a practice in Toronto in which she treats the body and the mind by combining counseling with... Read More


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