Cinda Chavich

Cinda Chavich comes to her food writing career through her first love, journalism. Since graduating from journalism school, she has spent her career as a writer for newspapers, magazines and radio. News reporting grew into feature writing, eventually leading to staff positions as food editor and wine writer for both the Calgary Sun and the Calgary Herald

Cinda's stories have appeared in newspapers across Canada, from the Vancouver Sun to the Montreal Gazette. Now, as a freelance food, wine and travel writer, she contributes regularly to the Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, CBC radio, and Wine Access magazine, among others. 

Cinda has won awards for her food reporting from the Association of Food Journalists.  In 2002, her book High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine (Fifth House) received two gold medals from Cuisine Canada.  It was named the best English language cookbook in the country and honored with the top Canadian Food and Culture Award. Cinda has written several cookbooks, including the bestselling The Girl Can’t Cook and it’s follow-up The Guy Can’t Cook, and was one of the authors featured in both Dishing and Double Dishing (Whitecap Books).

A Regina native, Cinda lives in Calgary where she enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking and working in her vegetable garden. She is passionate about fresh food and the people who grow and produce it. While she loves to travel, create new recipes, and make delicious food, there is nothing Cinda enjoys more than crafting a well-written story.

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