Massimo Capra

Massimo Capra was born in Cremona, Italy and developed an interest in food through helping out in his mother’s kitchen and his father’s garden. His passion for all things gastronomical led him to culinary school and then onwards to jobs in some of Italy’s best restaurants and hotels.  

Yearning to work overseas, Massimo boarded a plane in 1982 and landed in Toronto to work at Archers, a restaurant owned by one of his relatives. Since Archers was noted as a "social" restaurant, Massimo used his experience there to master the English language and his own style.

After a seven-year stint at Archers, Massimo spent almost a decade at the fashionable Yorkville restaurant Preggo Della Piazza. He then moved on to become co-owner and executive chef of the hugely popular Mistura where he is famous for his braised meats and riscottos.

Massimo is now one of the best-known Italian chefs in Canada. Appearing as a recurring chef host on the hit television show Restaurant Makeover, Massimo also operates the Toronto-area Mistura Ristorante and Sopra, an acclaimed restaurant-lounge.

Massimo has been featured on national and local television, including Cityline and on the Food Network’s Restaurant Makeover. He writes a monthly food column for the Globe and Mail, where he shares tips, tricks, and recipes he has learned throughout his life in the kitchen. Massimo has also contributed to several cookbooks. In his first full cookbook, One Pot Italian Cooking, Massimo celebrates the pleasure of Italian cuisine in the home with humour and flair.

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