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Bestselling cookbook author Ron "Rockin' Ronnie" Shewchuk isn't just a barbecue enthusiast—he's Canada's leading proponent of traditional, southern-style barbecue. As chief cook of Rockin' Ronnie's Butt Shredders, he's led his team to more competition victories than any Canadian team in the history of championship barbecues.

The self-proclaimed "barbecue evangelist" is never far a from a grill or a smoker, whether he's teaching cooking classes, appearing as a guest chef on TV, hosting his barbecue podcast, writing articles for food publications, or barbecuing up a storm on the competitive circuit.

Rockin' Ronnie's Butt Shredders were the 2004 winners of the Canadian National Barbecue Championships and two-time Alberta Champions.  Ronnie and his team have competed in the American Royal Invitational in Kansas City (the "World Series of Barbecue"), as well as the most prestigious barbecue contest in the world, the Jack Daniel's Invitational World Barbecue Championship in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The Butt Shredders made barbecue history in 2001 when they became the only Canadian team ever to win a U.S.-based barbecue competition in a stunning upset at the Oregon State Open Barbecue Championship. 

Ronnie lives with his wife Kate and children, Zoe and Jake, in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  When he isn't in his back yard tending something on the grill, he's a speech writer and communications consultant.

 "No matter how much you think you may know about barbecueing, you'll learn from this prize-winning master. He brings a contagious, intense pleasure to every culinary endeavour."

- Monda Rosenberg, food editor, Chatelaine magazine

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