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Peter Taylor

For nearly 50 years, Peter Taylor has spent much of his time and energy peddling words. Taylor cut his teeth as a journalist, writing for the Ottawa Citizen and Saint John Telegraph over a 15-year period. But it was a brief stint running a Halifax-based PR firm that lead to Taylor’s introduction to publishing. His... Read More

Christine Tizzard

Christine is most at home in her kitchen crafting homemade artisanal goods, however, you can find her about town in various culinary media events. Whether she is doing a food demo at a trade show or teaching a cooking class, her down home personality mixed with culinary technique, makes cooking look easy... Read More


Troy and Cheryl-Lynn Townsin

Troy Townsin was born in Melbourne, Australia and worked as an actor and playwright before embarking on a round-the-world backpacking extravaganza taking him to several continents.He settled for a while in Soho, England where he managed the Acoustic Café bar and restaurant before becoming a beverage manager at the exclusive... Read More

Wendy Turnbull

As an infant, Wendy became critically ill after eating her first solid food - a cereal made from durum wheat. Her parents spent months looking for a physician who could identify her symptoms. She was finally diagnosed with celiac disease and put on a gluten-free diet. Her parents were told celiac was a childhood... Read More


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