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James Nevison & Kenji Hodgson

Kenji Hodgson and James Nevison are HALF A GLASS, an alliance formed out of a desire to make wine more fun and accessible.As James says, "Let's take wine off the pedestal. It never asked to be there in the first place." Known throughout Vancouver as the "Wine Guys," they met in... Read More


Claire Newell

After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1993, Claire Newell opened Jubilee Tours & Travel Ltd.,which has become one of the top producing independent travel agenciesin Western Canada. Now, almost 15 years later Claire continues to helmthe successful company and also appears 6 times a week on Global... Read More


Heidi Noble

Heidi Noble is a professionally trained chef and sommelier, food educator, and professional wine-maker. Most of all, she is a proponent of tasty, well-prepared, seasonal local food. She founded the Vancouver Convivium, is a member of Slow Food, and is a perennial donor to BC's Farm Folk, City Folk. Heidi... Read More


Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited