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Pierre A. Lamielle

Pierre A. Lamielle is an award winning cookbook author, chef and illustrator. Raised in North Vancouver, BC, Pierre completed the graphic design and illustration program at Capilano College. Shortly after graduation, he landed a gig at the Vancouver Sun as a feature designer. He worked for both the Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers... Read More

Ricardo Larrivée

A household name in Quebec, Ricardo Larrivée has also become quite well known throughout the rest of Canada with his hit show Ricardo & Friends on Food Network Canada and his book Weekend Cooking. In his home province, Ricardo's daily cooking show has the highest ratings of all morning programs... Read More


Jenny Lass

Born and raised in Toronto, Jenny Lass is a freelance writer and cooking consultant with an MA in medical geography from the University of Toronto. In 2001, shortly after she established her writing company WordLink Communications, she was diagnosed with celiac disease and turned to the SCD when the gluten-free diet didn’t relieve her symptoms. She was inspired to combine her love of writing, science, and cooking for the Grain-Free Gourmet cookbook series... Read More

Keith Liggett

Throughout his career, Keith Liggett has managed to combine his two loves: writing and outdoor sports. His work has appeared in various magazines, newspapers, and literary journals throughout Canada and the United States, including regular ski columns, poetry, as well as coverage for Reuters and AP. He has initiated a... Read More


Angeline Linardis

A native New Yorker, Angeline Linardis first became interested in cooking through her Italian grandmother and was exposed to many different gourmet foods as she grew up. She is a true United Nations chef with tastes ranging from saucy French cooking to the spices ofThailand and India, and hot weather flavours from the... Read More

Jennifer Low

Jennifer Low spent much of the past 15 years as a food editor, a job that kept her busy developing recipes, writing feature stories and overseeing food photography sessions. She has combined all these experiences into two cookbooks: the 2004 bestseller Kitchen for Kids and her newest title Everyday Kitchen for Kids. During a 10-year stint... Read More


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